Air Conditioning Maintenance in Kent | London | Surrey

    Regular air conditioning maintenance checks (such as cleaning, inspection & testing) is vital.


    Whether you have a small air conditioned area with just a couple of units, or a more sophisticated Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) plant, planned maintenance should be considered as an essential part of your building maintenance regime and budget to enable your systems to continue to operate at peak efficiency.


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    reasons why air conditioning cleaning & maintenance checks is vital

    1. Dirty filters and components reduce the performance of the systems, increase running costs and carbon emissions

    2. Regular air conditioner filter cleaning can save up to 70% in running costs  – and can increase system lifespan

    3. Regular servicing helps to minimise loss of refrigerant gases and helps ensure building owners comply with the government’s F Gas Regulations by having systems leak tested

    4. Simple and regular checks (i.e. checks for blocked condensate drains) can PREVENT costly breakdowns and call-outs

    5. For new installations, regular maintenance is essential to validate the manufacturer’s warranty


    There is also a legal responsibility for owners of systems containing over 5 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) kg of refrigerant to have them leak tested AT LEAST ANNUALLY. This is something we would do on every maintenance visit. 

    Our Complete Cooling Care Plan includes:


    We provide air conditioning maintenance on the following types of equipment:

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