Commercial Air Conditioning Installations in Kent, London & Surrey

Room temperature is an important part of any commercial environment. You need to ensure that guests and employees are comfortable all year round, whilst considering your energy consumption costs as well as carbon emissions.

This can be achieved by installing a well designed air conditioning system. You won’t find a more experienced and reliable air conditioning company than Complete Cooling Systems Ltd.


We design and install applications such as:

Site Survey, Design & Installation

For every installation project we will carry out a free site survey. Every indoor space requires its own unique climate control solution, and we like to give each project the attention it deserves.

During our site survey we will take many things into account such as the building size, age & fabric of the building. We will also look at room dimensions, windows, doors, insulation and the amount of heat emitting equipment as well as occupancy.

Once we have all the necessary information we will prepare a bespoke proposal clearly outlining our recommendations and price. We only ever recommend products that exceed all legislation requirements, to give our customers peace of mind that their statutory obligations are being met.

Installation & commissioning of most systems is generally quick and involves minimum disruption. We have been told by many of our customers that our engineers are polite, professional & friendly!

How much does an air conditioning installation cost?

This varies and depends on a number of factors.  The cost of the unit depends on the size of the treated area(s). The cost of materials such as interconnecting services (pipework, electric cable) will vary depending on the position of the indoor and outdoor units.
Costs for a system for a small office or bedroom start at £1,300.00 +VAT depending on the aforementioned factors with prices for larger spaces starting from £60.00 per m².

The above prices would not include for the removal of any existing systems which we would be pleased to quote for subject to the site survey.

Things you should consider before our site survey:

Following the site survey we will provide you with a bespoke proposal clearly outlining our recommendations and cost proposal. We will send drawings where necessary along with product literature.