Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems for commercial spaces London | Kent | Surrey

11% gains in productivity can be achieved by improving ventilation*

New commercial spaces are better insulated now than ever before.  This is mainly due to the increase of new building regulations and greater awareness of making buildings as energy efficient as possible. This however has meant that mechanical ventilation systems are often necessary to provide sufficient outdoor air for the building occupants.


Ventilation can be provided in various forms such as supply and / or extract fans however the most energy efficient way of providing ventilation is by using Heat Recovery (HRV).

Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV)

These units reduce overall energy costs by recovering the heat from the extracted stale air and recovering it to warm the incoming fresh air. By utilising this energy the HRV system can save up to 30% on initial capital costs of the heating plant.

Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems provide the following benefits:

Air Ventilation System Design


Over 36 years in the air conditioning and ventilation industry makes Complete Cooling Systems Ltd confidently placed to provide a bespoke heat recovery ventilation design and installation service to help your business comply with Building Regulations.


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* Studies by the World Green Building Council